What will you LEARN at the workshop

​How to rise your VIBRATIONS and connect to your inner GPS that will guide you to your "dream life". 

8 proven STEPS that have power to turn your goals into a reality FAST!

​How to develop a WINNING MIND SET that will allow you to succeed in today's economy with ease and joy.

How to unleash your full POTENTIAL.

How to get into a FLOW and experience "miracles".

​How to feel more HAPPINESS and inner PEACE every day.

This workshop is for those who:

- Want to take their live to the NEXT LEVEL and unlash their full potential.
- Strive to become CONSCIOUS CREATORS of their reality and want to STOP being managers of their circumstances.

- Want to become the BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES!

 - Have desire to make "IMPOSSIBLE" "POSSIBLE"

- Would like to live in a FLOW and enjoy their live regardless what is happening in today's world.

About Renata Angelo:

Renata is a transformational speaker, coach, visionary and co-author of two world BESTSELLERS "Pushing To The Front" that she wrote with Brian Tracy and the book "Performance 360: Success edition" that she put together with Richard Branson and others.

Renata's live mission is to rise the global consciousness. She has more than 25 years of experiences in the area of personal, professional and spiritual development. She is here to support you in UNLEASHING YOUR FULL POTENTIAL, so you can turn your dreams and goals into reality fast! And enjoy the process while you are doing it. 

Renata spoke on international stages with top speakers including Allan Pease, Brian Tracy, Marie Diamond… and others. She taught "Training and Development" at Griffith University, Australia and also delivered transformational trainings on 3 continents.

She was a guest on many TV and radio shows. She spoke for the American Chamber of Commerce, British Chamber of Commerce, UNICEF, HP, IKEA, MAKRO, O2, T-Mobile, NuSkin, Mary Kay, AEGON, ALLIANZ, AXA, GENERALI, ING, METLIFE, ... and many others.

Her journey began after a motorbike accident, when she suffered chronic back pains 24/7 for several years and was pronounced "partially disabled" for life. She has tried everything to self-heal. One day she has experienced "QUANTUM HEALING" in a meditation and became pain free in spite of her diagnoses. 

Now she supports people around the world to transform their lives, to think "outside the box", to shift their paradigms, so they also can make "impossible" "possible" and turn their dreams and goals into a reality in the areas of health, wealth and relationships
Renata transformed lives of tens of thousands people from all over the world with her live events. 

Now she brings those trainings to the comfort of YOUR HOME

She is here to share her knowledge and to answer your questions, so you can take your life to the NEXT LEVEL and become the best version of yourself! 

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